How to Translate with Google

See how you can speak any language using Google Translate – and maybe even find love

Step 1

In this example, Jojo's going to translate a phrase into English, but you can choose whatever language you prefer. There are over a hundred languages to pick from

Start by opening the Google app on your phone

Step 2

Now tap the microphone icon and say "Translate 'I love you' into English"

You can also type this query into the search bar

Step 3

You'll see the translation on screen

Step 4

You can change the language you're translating to by tapping the list at the top of the screen

Step 5

To hear the translation tap the speaker icon

Step 6

You can also translate written words. Just tap the camera icon...

Step 7

..and point your phone at the text you want to translate

Step 8

You'll see the translation on screen

Try translating something now

Open Google