Building a query

Google can provide answers to almost any question. It's as simple as asking. See how Jojo fixes a leaky tap with the help of a few simple queries

Step 1

Getting help from Google is easy. You just need to ask what you want to do

Let's say you've got a leaky tap at home, like Jojo

Start by opening the Google app on your phone

Step 2

You can type your query or speak it. Not sure what to ask? Just start typing. Google will make suggestions based on what you're asking

Here Jojo's written "I want to fix a leaky tap" into the search field. You can tap a suggestion to see the results for it

Step 3

Things not going to plan? You can easily type what you want to do next

Just change the text to "how to fix a leaky tap quickly"

You'll see the new results below

Step 4

Looks like that water supply needs turning off!

You don't have to type things perfectly – Google can understand typos. Try typing "how to turn off watr" and see the result

Step 5

Need the professionals?

Google can find people or places near you for almost anything

Type "plumbers near me" into the search bar and see who's available near you

Get help with something on Google now

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